Earthquake IG800W 800 Watt Genset

Product Name:Earthquake 800W Genset
Earthquake IG800W 800 Watt Genset

SHAKE THE EARTH! (Well, hopefully it’s not that loud.)

Here’s an interesting entry in the 1000W class of RV genset.

The Earthquake IG800W kicks out 800W of clean current.

What makes it special? Well, the price for starters. It’s cheap as chips (as our English friends might say).

What’s more, customer reviews are through the roof.

The low price and high levels of positive energy make this an interesting choice.

  • The fuel efficient IG800W runs for hours without needing a refill, at 14 hours per gallon
  • Lightweight and easily portable, at only 21 pounds
  • Quiet operation with noise suppressing housing
  • Overload protection with instant reset circuit breaker
  • You can plug in your cell phone, your electronic tablet, or even your laptop without being concerned about damage to vital internal components

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